Review: The Interview (2015)

The Interview Seth Rogen James Franco

Controversy is paramount for the Rogen-Franco double act in their puerile, Sony-hack-inspiring mission to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. 

With freedom of speech hot on the agenda following the tragic Charlie Hebdo attacks in January, James Franco and Seth Rogen’s enormously controversial piss-take The Interview finally arrives in UK cinemas. Having originally been cancelled following terrorist threats from Sony-hackers ‘The Guardians of Peace’ (almost certainly based in, or funded by, North Korea) the film was first released online and in a small number of independent cinemas in the US, but now receives a full UK release. This heavily redacted edit certainly achieves what it sets out to do; it’s lewd, crude and utterly ridiculous in its satirising of North Korea and its totalitarian political system headed up by the infantilised Kim Jong-Un. It’s anally-fixated silliness does provide some hilarious moments (‘McConaughey goat-fuck’ comes to mind), as long as you go in knowing exactly what you’re in for. It’s by no means a brilliant or groundbreaking film but if you are able to embrace the Rogen-Franco bromance for a brief moment then you’ll certainly enjoy the comic payoffs along the way. Whether or not it was all one big publicity stunt to rescue a film which may otherwise have been confined to the B-movie category, will be left for the conspiracy theorists to debate. The Interview though is knowing in its style and satire and is certainly one of the best offerings to date from this comedy duo. From Kim’s obsession with Katy Perry’s Firework and all things American to the action-packed final act, there’s still plenty to entertain here.

★★★☆☆     IMDb: 7.0      Rotten Tomatoes: 54% 

The Interview is out in UK cinemas on the 6th February. Watch the trailer here


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